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The Olmec

Facts about Olmecs

Facts about Olmecs
Key Terms
Key Events and People

Obstacles come across-
heavy rains
flooded rivers
swampy land
dense jungles
extremely fast plant growth
The Olmec ran into challeges, but could over come them by...
catching crocdile, fish, shellfish, and aquatic birds
burning sections of the jungle so they were able to farm
The Class System
There was an elite class, who told people what to do and when to do it. They also helped with easy, clean jobs.
There was also a class that consisted of commoners that did what the elites told them to, they normally did the dirty jobs.
Religion of the Olmec
People looked to the priest-kings for communication with gods and for the right and wrong things to do.
The main god of the Olmecs was a Jaguar-Man, and they did rituals to please him.
Trading was important to the Olmec because they could obtain Jade which was very precious to them.
They traveled to many places for example Mexico, Guatamala and El Salvador.
We know what we know about the Olmec becasue of their many artifacts, like the giant heads.
They were probably killed in the war over trade.